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TRES 24 Quartz Green 40mm Botta

TRES 24 Quartz Green 40mm Botta


TRES 24 Quartz – 24 hours, 60 minutes and C second


Brighter day half, darker night half. This is the TRES 24. The current second version of our 24-hour indicator watch now has a three-piece titanium body with a screwed case back. 

The C-shaped second's indicator (protected design) is also used here for the first time. It makes it easier to distinguish the seconds display from the hour and minute hands and once again underscores the individuality of this model with its very discreet, quiet movement.

  • Sun-synchronous time display

    A day has 24 hours, not 12. Following this simple and convincing logic, the UNO 24 Automatic shows the entire day at a glance.

    Just like a day on earth, the dial of the TRES 24 is divided into a light day half and a dark night half. The hour hand moves analogously to the sun on the firmament: in the morning it moves from the dark half of the night into the light half of the day, at noon it is at the zenith of the dial, in the evening it sinks back into the dark half of the night and crosses the fine date line at midnight. The date shows the new day. This "sun-synchronous" form of time display also ensures that the time is displayed unambiguously.

  • Architecture for your wrist

    BOTTA stands for convincingly logical and carefully implemented display concepts. We also develop our watch cases with the same care. Take a closer look at a BOTTA watch. You will immediately see that every angle, every edge, every curve follows a technical logic. According to their function, the three titanium case parts are divided into display area, supporting middle area and precise bottom closure. 

    Regardless of which side you look at the TRES 24 from, it always looks fascinatingly logical and elegant. The arched architecture of the supporting middle section is particularly eye-catching in this case type. Towards the top, the discreetly curved sapphire crystal closes the titanium case like a flatly stretched glass dome and provides a view at the unconventional 24-hour display. For people with an awareness of the extraordinary.

  • The movement: high-quality, accurate and absolutel

    The TRES 24 Quartz models are driven by a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement. Unlike the much cheaper “Swiss-parts” movements, the components in this movement are manufactured and assembled entirely in Switzerland. 

    The original Ronda movement ensures that the TRES 24 Quartz will run smoothly and precisely for many years, which reflects the BOTTA principle of technical and design durability in its German-made watches.

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