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UNO Quartz 35 Edition 40mm Botta White

UNO Quartz 35 Edition 40mm Botta White

700,00 €Prijs

UNO Quartz from BOTTA

UNO 35 Edition - The special edition for the 35th anniversary established a new form of time display. With its characteristic hour hand, it displays the time in a pleasantly calm and clear manner.

The new way of displaying time also changes the perception of time - towards a calmer and more conscious approach to time. This makes the UNO a soothing antipole to the complexity of our everyday lives. Today, even more than before.

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, the 35 Edition of the UNO presents itself in a minimalist-clear and sporty-dynamic way at the same time. Its dial in white is covered in a black PVD-coated case. Special features are the red hand, the red accents on the dial and the red decorative stitching on the bracelet.


  • Time can be so simple

    The 35 Edition is the latest interpretation of the design classic UNO. Its perfectly developed special dial enables an unprecedentedly clear time display - with just one hand. On the filigree scale with its division into hours, half hours, quarter hours and 5 minutes, the hand in rich red shows the time. Depending on the situation - surprisingly accurate or sovereignly generous.

  • Optimized over decades

    35 years ago, the designer Klaus Botta developed the original UNO, the first one-hand wristwatch of modern times. Its technology and many design details, however, have been constantly optimized over the years. Today, the UNO Automatic has reached a level of maturity and quality that can hardly be surpassed.

    The case made of allergy-free BOTTA Tri-Titanium is characterized by a very special geometry. Thanks to the integrated lugs, the watch looks pleasingly compact - even on slender wrists. A double-domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides ensures a clear view of the dial.

  • Swiss quality inside

    After 35 years, the UNO design is actually even more up-to-date than it was at the time of its development. Technically, too, the UNO Quartz 35 Edition is a real long runner. Like all BOTTA quartz watches, it is powered by a Swiss Made movement. The type 1062 caliber from the Swiss premium manufacturer Ronda sets standards in terms of reliability and durability.

    The UNO one-hand watch combines design and technical precision uniquely, making it a long-lasting companion of lasting value on the wrist.

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