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UNO24 Quartz 40mm Botta orange/black

UNO24 Quartz 40mm Botta orange/black

670,00 €Prijs

UNO Quartz from BOTTA

UNO 24 quartz from BOTTA - unconventional - but consistently logical.

“The entire day at a glance”

The UNO 24 by BOTTA, the original among the single-handed 24-hour watches, appears unusual at first glance. At second glance, however, the captivating logic of this watch reveals itself. With its sun-synchronous display, it accurately reproduces the sun-earth kinematics of a day: a dial with 24-hour divisions and day/night half. Last but not least, the movement of the hands corresponds exactly to the rotation of the earth.

Award-winning design packed in first-class materials. Designed and Handmade in Germany.

  • Sun-synchronous time display

    A day has 24 hours, not 12. Following this simple and convincing logic, the UNO 24 Automatic shows the entire day at a glance.

    Just like a day on earth, the dial of the UNO 24 is divided into a light day half and a dark night half. The hour hand moves analogously to the sun on the firmament: in the morning it moves from the dark half of the night into the light half of the day, at noon it is at the zenith of the dial, in the evening it sinks back into the dark half of the night and crosses the fine date line at midnight. The date shows the new day. This "sun-synchronous" form of time display also ensures that the time is displayed unambiguously.

  • Architecture for your wrist

    BOTTA stands for convincingly logical and carefully implemented display concepts.

    Regardless of which side you look at the new UNO 24 from, it always looks fascinatingly logical and elegant. The arched architecture of the supporting middle section is particularly eye-catching in this case type. Towards the top, the discreetly curved sapphire crystal closes the titanium case like a flatly stretched glass dome and provides a view at the unconventional 24-hour display. For people with an awareness of the extraordinary.

  • Three-zone titanium housing with screwed back

    Titanium is the precious metal among the light metals. By adding alloys, the properties - similar to stainless steel - can be optimized for specific tasks: We use three specified titanium alloys for our housings and thus achieve perfect adaptation to the respective area of application.

    • The top ring around the sapphire crystal: particularly hard, resistant special titanium alloy from the aircraft industry.
    • The middle, central part of the case: Low alloyed pure titanium grade with very good strength values.
    • The screwed back: Titanium alloy from the medical sector with maximum skin compatibility.
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