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Exit Extended 2023
      from June 30th till July 15th, 2023
Multiple Solo: Esther Heite:            
      from May 12th till June 17, 2023
Arts Night 2023:
      Opening: Multiple solo:Esther Heather
      from 6:00 PM till 11:00 PM  May 11th, 2023

- Mad Multiple 2023
             from April 21st till May 7th, 2023
-Guy Cleuren: Autobiographical Architecture
              from March 5th till May 7th, 2023


 - CABINET39 offline
              from August 20th till October 15th, 2022
-Multiple Duo: Julian Steimer & Thomas Stöckl

            from May 13th till July 30th, 2022
Mad Multiple 2022             
            from April 24th till May 5th, 2022

 Multiple Solo: Herman Hermsen            
           from September 16th till December 31st, 2021
 Exit extended 2021
           from July 2nd till July 17th, 2021
 Mad Multiple 2021   
       from 4th June till 17th July 2021
 Diderick Van Hovell         
from March 19th till 22nd may 2021

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