- ​Uncommon matters, Amelie Riech:
           from 16th of October till 31th of
January, 2021

- Renovation Multiple:
           from 2th February to 3th March, 2021 is the collection              of Multiple on display at Huis Pauwels Spaenjers.
- Diederick van Hovell:
           from 19th of March till 29th of May, 2021
- MAD Multiple :
          Exhibition of student work PXL-MAD 2nd bachelor
Object & Jewellery from 4th of June till 26th of June, 2021
- Exit Extended:
          Master students PXL/MAD Jewellery&Objects:
          from 2th of July till 17th of July, 2021        
- Herman Hermsen: preview his work
          Solo exhibition, uniques and multiples:
          from 16th of September till 31th of December
Drawing Days:
         30 Years of Jewellery Design by Audi Pauwels
         from 1st of October till 3rd of October

Posts are coming soon
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Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...