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Every 6 to 8 weeks there is a new exhibition of one or multiple contemporary designers. 
Discover the designers behind the jewelry.
Multiple shows a selection contemporary jewellery
 from a variety of designers.

MEET Multiple

Galerie multiple is an established name in affordable design, specialising in contemporary jewellery. Every 6

to 8 weeks one or more designers are invited to exhibit. These exhibitions are titled: multiple solo, multiple duo, multiples trio, etc. For the PXL students of Object and Jewellery, there are annual exhibitions entitled: MAD multiple and Exit extended.

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Current exhibition

The jewelery designer Herman Hermsen (NL) navigates between art and design. He takes the freedom of an artist who lives in a design world and the freedom of a designer who moves in the art world. In this role, Multiple shows a retrospective of his work.

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Every 6 to 8 weeks, one or more designers are invited to exhibit their work.

Don't worry, we always have a permanent collection of different designers.

Take a look at their work below.


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