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multiple is a platform for innovative jewellery designers and artists.

Multiple is a gallery with an established value for affordable design, specialized in contemporary jewellery. Since October 2016, Kitty Spaenjers & Audi Pauwels invite every 6-8 weeks one or multiple designers to exhibit their work. These exhibitions are titled 'multiple solo', 'multiple duo', etc. Two times a year the students of PXL-MAD, Object & Jewellery get an opportunity to exhibit their work: 'MAD Valentine/Multiple' and 'Exit Extended'. The permanent  collection remains in the drawers during exhibitions.

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Lore Langendries

Lore Langendries (° 1988), PHD in arts since 2015, is an artistic maker active in the field of contemporary jewelry and objects. Her work arises from the interaction between manual labor and a machine, between unique and serial, with a special focus on the tactile and physical nature of each artifact, material behavior, (re) production, digital technology and Lore's own subjective and intuitive role as a maker. The circle as a pure geometric shape is central and focuses on the essence and beauty of the animal skins, which dominate her work, in its most basic form. The fusion between the mechanical and manual, but also between the natural and artificial, creates an intriguing field of tension. Just as a photographer frames and narrows the view from a broader perspective and ultimately focuses on a snapshot, Lore Langendries works with an animal skin. Not with photos as an end product, but snappy fragmentations of expressive structures of natural hair directions or unruly hairs or color variations. She focuses on hidden details and sublimates characteristic elements or structures of the her material into cuddly objects. Patchy gestures with skin and hair.


Amélie Riech

Amélie Riech's wearable architectural jewelery is elegant designs that embrace artisan methods. Amélie trained as an architect, has a degree as a fashion designer and grew up between Paris and Berlin. She is at home in different worlds. She originally founded Uncommon Matters as a platform for her personal artistic creations. The first works were limited editions and unique pieces for exhibitions. Due to their simple "complexity" and fluent use of both traditional and new materials, Amélie Riech's precise couture pieces quickly found their place in both galleries and luxury boutiques.

This exhibition will be moved to autumn this year: the date will be communicated in the newsletter.

Karen Vanmol

As in Karen Vanmol her earlier work, see finds her inspiration in architecture and nature. Everything continues to evolve and change. A city without a little nature works claustrophobic for her, but a nature landscape with no sign of humanity is then too quiet. Protecting or imitating nature, the use of natural materials in architecture, the restoring of a road surface, accidental strong shapes on a construction site, these things she finds very interesting.


Klaar Prims

Klaar Prims’ collection shows authentic, unique pieces, a combination of craftsmanship and modern design. The collection shows variations in color and style of a certain theme. The simple and exceptionally perfect shapes of vases, glasses and bowls provide a highlight in
any setting with their delicacy, brilliance and clarity. Due to the mouth blown production process, color and sizes may vary slightly one piece to another. Each one is unique.


Kinga Sulej

Kinga Sulej studied silversmithing at Wytwornia Antidotum in Warsaw and lives in a village in central Poland. Inspired by biology and the natural world surrounding her home she created her label Mimikra.

“I specialize in large and spatial pieces. I am inspired by mimicry, a biological phenomenon when helpless creatures assume threatening shapes to appear dangerous to predators. Karl Blossfeldt's plant portraits and Haeckel's intricate drawings are also an endless source of ideas for my designs”


Sofia Beilharz

Sophia is a jewellery designer who surprises us with her purified linear and geometric jewels. She makes necklaces, bracelets and rings in gold- and silver-coloured aluminium or with subtle color accents


Ek Thongprasert

Born and raised in Bangkok, Ek Thongprasert graduated from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Today his vintage-inspired jewellery pieces are winning the hearts of modern women. His jewels are rich in historical, social and spiritual meaning and challenge the perceptions of jewellery designs that have been long forgotten or are considered to be antique or too classic. Jewels that are undoubtedly part of the better luxury accessory and where the label 'Uber-Kitsch' certainly can be applied.

His jewellery collection is sold in the hippest boutiques worldwide.


Liliana Guerreiro

Liliana Guerreiro, born in 1975 in Viana do Castelo, the heart of Minho (northern Portugal), land of traditions, festivals and strong women, with beautiful costumes and the "treasure chest" of the family gold. Raised with this 'genetic' heritage and these traditions, decomposing her mother's golden bead necklaces to see how they were made, and re-threading the beads, playing with the jewels of grandmothers and aunts, all this influenced the way forward for Liliana.
She has her own studio since 2002. 



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