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Lore Langendries & Jan Marechal

The contrast between the makeable and the threatening reality is the basis of the work of visual artist Jan Marechal. He creates a world that refers to the vague space between what is and what is perceived. Or else: what do you see, what do you want to see? It evokes the image of man living in a society that is incessantly changing its shape and it raises questions about man's distance from his natural environment.

Lore presents the concept Hide, the Fragment. It reveals or conceals, depending on how close it is to your skin. Does the fragment still have associations with the animal it came from? When the whole is missing, can the fragments be seen as worthy identities? These questions influence Lore's work in which the fragment focuses on the animal skin, on the hair direction and the specific details. Cutting and shaving focuses on hidden details.

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