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Lore Langendries (° 1988), PHD in arts since 2015, is an artistic maker active in the field of contemporary jewelry and objects. Her work arises from the interaction between manual labor and a machine, between unique and serial, with a special focus on the tactile and physical nature of each artifact, material behavior, (re) production, digital technology and Lore's own subjective and intuitive role as a maker. The circle as a pure geometric shape is central and focuses on the essence and beauty of the animal skins, which dominate her work, in its most basic form. The fusion between the mechanical and manual, but also between the natural and artificial, creates an intriguing field of tension. Just as a photographer frames and narrows the view from a broader perspective and ultimately focuses on a snapshot, Lore Langendries works with an animal skin. Not with photos as an end product, but snappy fragmentations of expressive structures of natural hair directions or unruly hairs or color variations. She focuses on hidden details and sublimates characteristic elements or structures of the her material into cuddly objects. Patchy gestures with skin and hair.

Lore Langendries

Hide, the fragment 2.0 1.1.jpg
Once in a while everybody needs a new ha
Artist Portrait 2018 - LL .jpg
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