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Love Jewels

Smitten Collective

The exhibition 'Love Jewels' is about love, sex, fertility, passion, fetish, nudity ... These topics have been chosen as a theme since the origin of art. Even though we see that sex and love are constantly being used around us as a theme and inspiration, there is still a certain taboo hanging around. We are fascinated by it and it can bring out different emotions: shame, excitement, aversion, confusion ...
Smitten Collective, a platform for contemporary jewelery. Billie Vannieuwenhuysen and Juan Harnie, chose love and sex as a widely interpretable theme for their exhibition. After an international "open-call" to jewelery designers and a critical selection, they show the Love Jewels expo in Hasselt. The result is a collection with very diverse interpretations including: LGBTQ, gender, abuse, monogamy, obsession, lust and so much more ....

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