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UNO Automatic 44 mm Botta

UNO Automatic 44 mm Botta


UNO Automatic from BOTTA

The original from the inventor of the modern one-hand watch – The UNO Automatic from BOTTA

Are you ready for a relaxed approach to time? One hand, twelve hours. That's all you need to navigate through the day with confidence. Show calmness and inner greatness. With its unconventional and intuitive time display, it is a symbol of individuality and aspiration - Designed and Handmade in Germany

  • The UNO one-hand display

    The UNO 12-hour one-hand watch is probably the simplest form of time display. The one-hand display of the UNO works basically similar to a conventional 12-hour three-hand watch. The hand of the UNO is an hour hand which corresponds to the hour hand of the conventional display. In addition, the precise UNO hand also displays the minutes. Its dial is adapted to the time display in our daily language, where we often speak of "half hours" and "quarter hours".

    The UNO dial consists of strokes with various lengths. The long lines indicate hours, the medium-length lines represent half hours, the slightly shorter lines represent 15 minutes, and the short lines represent 5 minutes.

    Thanks to its logical dial, the UNO manages to display the time precisely and simultaneously in a pleasantly reduced manner. As a result, it conveys a relaxed approach to time.

  • The UNO automatic movement: refined, robust and re

    BOTTA design has opted to use the Sellita SW 200-1 elaboré Swiss-made automatic movement, which is one of the most reliable mechanical movements available. In addition, the movement of every single UNO Automatic spends several days being carefully adjusted for maximum precision by an experienced watchmaker.

    After manual assembly, each individual UNO Automatic single-handed watch passes through two independent test routines and several accuracy checks. Only when it has successfully passed all tests and checks will the UNO Automatic be delivered to you.

  • A symbiosis of design and function

    The UNO Automatic is the further development of the design classic UNO by Klaus Botta from 1985.

    Good design is not limited to aesthetics alone, but also optimizes functionality. In addition to the ingenious time display, this can also be seen in the deliberate design of the newly developed underside of the case. The strap lugs are concealed below the dial to save space. Despite its impressive diameter of 44 mm, the UNO Automatic can therefore be worn on relatively narrow wrists.

    The beveled sides of the case underside allow significantly more freedom of movement for the wrist. At the same time the air can circulate better. The unusual case architecture makes the already very flat 8.8 mm high automatic watch look even slimmer.

    The double-domed sapphire crystal complements the elegant lines. The anti-reflective coating on both sides of the crystal provides a much better view and gives the significantly reduced glass reflections a subtle bluish shimmer.

    A unique concept also deserves a special design.

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