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Watchwinder Blue

Watchwinder Blue


Swiss Kubik


Swiss Made label, the Blue Soft Touch Single Watch Winder is designed to keep your automatic watch moving when you're not wearing it. With a rotating motor that simulates wrist movements, our winder prevents the mechanism on your watch from jamming. With an cube design, this automatic watch winder fits perfectly into any room, making it both functional and aesthetically satisfying.

The watch winder SwissKubiK is designed to reproduce the natural movements of the wrist and stimulate the watch mechanism continuously. In this way, the watch winder ensures the durability of the watch as well as its precision.  It is programmed for 1800 rotations per day (900 in each direction), which corresponds to the majority of the models available on the market nowadays.

  • Info

    - Made in Switzerland
    - Dimensions :12 × 12 × 12 cm
    - Stops in a vertical position
    - 1 standard program with1800 rotations per day
    - Powered by 2 standard «C-type» alkaline batteries with a lifespan of 3-years in steady operation
    - 3-years international warranty

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